HSE-S Management

Pocan Logistics; performs its service within the framework of certain rules, policies and standards. It acts in line with the health, safety, environment and security (HSSE-S) policy in its fields of activity. These rules are as follows.

Rule 1

  • Human health, safety, security and not harming the environment is our first priority.

Rule 2

  • It complies with the laws and regulations in its field of activity, and secures it by following the developing technology.

Rule 3

  • It takes the necessary measures to protect all people, primarily our own employees, the environment, the company's reputation and information.

Rule 4

  • It reduces environmental pollution, uses energy efficiently, and reduces waste and emissions, thus contributing to sustainable development by protecting natural resources.

Rule 5

  • In order to provide quality service and products to our customers, we aim to set an example in the sector with our ADR certified and ADR standards trained team and our vehicles that comply with all legal regulations.

Rule 6

  • It tries to minimize the risks of accidents that may occur. It ensures that the services are carried out accident-free and that the activities do not harm people and the environment.

Rule 7

  • In order to be able to respond effectively in case of an emergency, it has implemented emergency methods that are prepared and tested with exercises.