Solvent Based Chemical Transportation

A solvent additive is a liquid or gaseous substance that dissolves a liquid or gaseous solute to form a solution. Solvents can be used to remove soluble compounds from a mixture. Solvents are usually clear and colorless liquids and most have a characteristic odour. Organic solvents, dry cleaning agent (such as tetrachloroethylene), paint thinner (such as toluene, turpentine), nail polish remover and adhesive solvent (such as acetone, methylacetate, ethyl acetate), stain remover (such as hexane), detergent, perfume ingredient (ethanol) and chemical synthesis. Poçan logistics carries out the transportation of solvent-based chemicals with meticulousness and devotion and offers international transportation services to all over Turkey.

Poçan Transport carries out all logistics services in transportation with a world-class quality and experience. The health of people and other living things and the protection of the environment are important to us. With this sensitivity, we safely transport your cargo to your desired destination with a team that is experienced and knowledgeable about chemical substances.