International Dry Cargo Transportation

As Poçan Logistics, we produce competitive solutions for you in road transport for your domestic and international import / export transports. We can offer very competitive prices, especially for your export and import shipments to Europe.

Our company provides service with our new and fully equipped vehicles on the lines of Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Poland.

Using the fastest possible route is as important to us as it is to you, so our deadlines are fixed as long as possible.

Your products to be delivered;

  • Vehicle and product insured,
  • Complying with all laws and regulations on road transport,
  • Please note that every second and movement of the vehicle from the exit to the discharge area is recorded and delivered to your discharge area with the Satellite Tracking System.
  • ​​ Import/Export Transportations with our ADR vehicles

Door to Door Delivery

  • Domestic and International Customs Clearance Services
  • Storage Services
  • We serve as domestic transports.
  • For detailed information and offers, you can contact us at 444 0 736.